Fees and Benefits

Membership Benefits

When you become a member of Nature Salt Spring (The Natural History Club of Salt Spring Island) you will automatically become a member of our umbrella organization, BC Nature.

Nature Salt Spring Membership Benefits: We will be offering natural history activities, presentations, walks, community natural history research opportunities and other experiences.. Our founding group has tons of experience in birding, natural history walks, organizing presentations and community science research projects, and much more. Salt Spring Island is loaded with inspiring scientists, teachers, and nature enthusiasts and so it will be great to draw in everyone who can contribute to expand our participation and knowledge of Salt Spring’s natural world

BC Nature Membership Benefits: As a BC Nature member,  you can attend conferences and field camps in communities throughout BC. You’ll receive a subscription to BC Nature magazine, monthly update through our Nature’s Voice eNews, coverage under our liability policy and you may periodically drop into one of our 50+ clubs presentation nights.



Single $30 Regular membership includes Nature Salt Spring’s activities as well as BC Nature Membership
$20 ** We encourage youth to explore and protect nature.**(Bursaries are available for qualified applicants)
Family –
$40 For couples or parents and their children. Includes access to regular Nature Salt Spring activities and BC Nature Membership for all family members.
Family –
$35 For families with one or more children under the age of 13 years . Includes Nature Salt Spring activities, as well as all of the benefits of NatureKids BC membership. Submit your completed Membership Form (Page 1 with one signed Page 2 for every family member) and you will be sent special instructions for paying Membership Fees.

NatureKids BC Membership Benefits (For qualified families with children under 13 who choose this option):

The ability to attend monthly Explorer Days with your local NatureKids Club Four annual issues of NatureWILD magazine
Enrollment in our Action Awards and Passport to Nature Programs
A fun, nature-themed welcome pack for your family!

For more information visit the NatureKids BC website