Founding Membership

Founding Memberships

If you can help jump-start Nature Salt Spring, please join our organization as a Founding Member. Founding Memberships are $200 or more and can be made by individuals, couples or families. Includes your first year membership(s). Your name(s) will be listed (if you agree) on our Founding Member Recognition Page with many thanks.

Please apply for membership to Nature Sat Spring and let us know on your application form that you are joining as a Founding Member. You can also join as a couple/family, in which case all members on the application are considered founding members. Your donation of $200 or more will be considered to include your individual or family membership.

Donations and Grants

Please contact us if you can help with a donation. At the current time, we are not a charitable society and cannot issue tax receipts. A fledgling Nature Salt Spring, with exciting  visions of a broad range of nature-engaging activities and facilities, will greatly benefit from startup donations and grants. If you can help with either, please contact us.